wget – Prebuilt binary for Mac OSX Lion, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion

I love wget. Its simplicity, speed, and small size. I use wget all the time on my linux boxes, and on my macs. Sadly, there are no new binarys of wget for Mac, so you’ll have to build them yourself. This involves downloading Xcode, a massive beast with a size of over 2 GB, and compiling wget from source. It feels like such a waste to have to go through such a hassle just to compile wget. I’ve therefore compiled wget for you, and I’m distrbuting the binary file.

The version that was compiled is the greatest stable release as of now, version 1.9.1, and was compiled by Xcode version 4.1 It was compiled and tested on Mac OSX Lion, and might or might not work on Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

Update 30/05-2012:

I have now compiled the newest version of wget, 1.13.

Wget 1.13 for Mac can be downloaded here.

The older version below will still be available for those who for any reason would still like to use this.

Update 18/08-2011:
The binary has been confirmed to work on Snow Leopard, but you might have to mark it as an executable. The can be done via the terminal, and the command “chmod +x wget”.

Wget for Mac can be downloaded here.

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  • Marode

    thanks for providing wget, but unfortunately I get this:

    macbook:bin martin$ wget
    -bash: /usr/local/bin/wget: Bad CPU type in executable

    I am on a Core Duo 2, 10.7.1.

  • Sveinbjorn


  • Derek Hildreth

    Oh, and I’m using Lion, by the way.

  • http://www.oriste.com/ oriste

    Works perfectly for me. Thanks a lot.
    Processor  2.2 GHz Intel Core i7
    Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 (11B26)

  • http://www.claimid.com/koolinus kOoLiNuS

    How did you compile it ?
    On my 2 test systems I had an error with gnutls:

    checking for libgnutls… no
    configure: error: –with-ssl was given, but GNUTLS is not available.

    so doing

    There seems to be no Makefile in this directory.
    You must run ./configure before running `make’.
    make: *** [abort-due-to-no-makefile] Error 1


    • TechTach

      You first need to download Xcode, this is to install GCC on your mac. There are probably other ways to do that, but none that I know of. After installing Xcode I simply ran “./configure” then “make”.

      Hope this helps.

      • http://www.claimid.com/koolinus kOoLiNuS

        Hi there!
        I do have Xcode and the various compilers installed… the problem is the GNUTLS seems to be missing from my system

        • chrisv

          ./configure –with-ssl=openssl

  • yaoming

    And the instructions??

  • Deleteme2005

    Thank you, works on lion.  Saved me from installing xcode.

  • Asle Benoni

    I forgot to write that my last comment meaning you do not have to install XCode or anything since the link is to a precompiled version og wget. I am using Lion but this works also on Snow Leopard, tested.

  • Squeezal

    Thank YOU! Coming from an x86 Windoze/Linux background, it frustrated me not to have “Save Source as…” functionality in a browser AND not have a http aware file downloader and xcode can’t find a cc compiler.
    You have made another new Mac user (ONLY for work!) very happy!
    Think you can port apt-get and build an associate software repository for your next project? ;)

  • SK

    > kOoLINuS
    try to configure with ssl option$sudo ./configure –with-ssl=openssl

  • Halko Vaja


  • Roberto Allende

    Awesome, thank you very much!

  • Joe

    great thanks a million

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.herson.9 George Herson

    thanks alot.
    Since someone asked for help, for anyone spidering a wiki, the following on Mountain Lion copied http://localhost/mediawiki-1.15.1/index.php/SubjectPage etc into browsable files file:///Users/mac/wiki/wget/index.php/SubjectPage etc:

    # Download wget binary.
    cd /Users/mac/Downloads
    chmod +x wget
    ./wget –no-parent –mirror http://localhost/mediawiki-1.15.1/index.php
    # Drag the downloaded pages to /Users/mac/wiki/wget.
    # So the linked images are displayed:
    sudo ln -s /Users/mac/wiki/wget /mediawiki-1.15.1

  • Kumar

    Thank you very much. Saved a lot of my time. :)

  • Greg Hao

    Any chance you could provide an update to the latest? v1.14? Thanks!